About the Project


International terminal "AIRPORT GROZNY"

The new modern international terminal “Grozny Airport” will be constructed for citizens and guests of the Chechen Republic by the project developer “SMART BUILDING” LLC. The project designer is the Russian company -  «GORPROJECT» JSC. The air terminal will be built on the undeveloped area which is located further west than the existent airport without its breaking. This solution will help to carrier continuity of passenger traffic and cargo air transportation for the whole period of construction of the new terminal excluding possible inconvenience for passengers and airport employees. Works package includes construction of an approach roadway on a new plot that, according to the project designer concept, will visually join together the skyscraper (435-meters high) Akhmat Tower and the new airport terminal in one straight line. Another individual road will connect the new international terminal under construction with now existent airport, VIP-terminal and engineering buildings of the aerodrome complex. Besides, on the adjoining area, there will be constructed a fountain and also plant trees and shrubs. 

The concept of architectural treatment of the new terminal is based on Islam symbolics and the coat armor of the Chechen Republic. The architectural treatment of the air-terminal complex represents a crescent-shaped terminal with a fountain in the form of an eight-pointed star with a stele in the center. Designer landscape solutions and lightning of the architectural forms will help to create a feeling of coziness and comfort for passengers. The crescent of the terminal will be made with facing of aluminum sheets coated with opaque-gold-look and the integration of light eight-pointed “star” lanterns into the building roof will allow to create an impressive light-flooded space of the terminal in the daytime and a sense of proximity to the starry sky in the night. 

Corresponding to the world’s practice in the construction of airports, departure and arrival areas will be located on two levels – one above the other. Herewith, central and eastern part of the terminal will handle domestic flights, and western part will service international flights. Four modern terminal ports equipped with doubled telescopic ladders can simultaneously serve up to 12 aircrafts. Thus, annual passenger traffic of the new terminal can be about 1.5 million people per year, taking into account transit passengers. It will help to develop new airlines which are so necessary for growing tourist infrastructure in the Chechen Republic. Airport public transport accessibility will be ensured by the creation of a two-level roadside trestle that will have a reasonable length of passenger landing zone on the upper level and a landing area closed from the precipitation on the lower level. The international terminal “GROZNY AIRPORT” will become one of the modern and dynamic aviation nodes on the territory of the Russian Federation that answers world’s safety requirements, high standards of world’s best airline companies, and also provides the maximum level of comfort for passengers. 

The need in the creation of a new modern international terminal “GROZNY AIRPORT” is based on different factors including the year-on-year growth of tourist, economic and business attractiveness of the Chechen Republic and the whole North Caucasian Region. Taking into account the constant growth of the share of air transportation over railways - an average of 15.1% per year, and the growing passenger traffic, the creation of a modern air hub in the center of the North Caucasus, capable of servicing up to 12 aircraft at the same time and providing access to the main tourist destinations in southern Russia, including Sochi, resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and the Caucasus Mountains, is a necessary and timely decision.


Images: © 2017 JSC "GORPROJECT".