About the Project


The construction project of the multifunctional complex “Minutka” is being implemented in Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic, by the developer SMART BUILDING, LLC. This complex will be constructed in the Oktyabrskiy District of the city near the Minutka square. So, the complex name has been chosen due to its close location to this famous square of Grozny. The complex consists of two multi-floor buildings (10-13-16 floors) which are joined by a stately arch.

The feature of the complex architectural concept is based on the appearance of the Chechen ancestral towers. This image helps to combine in one project the modern technologies in construction and finishing with the historical memory of the Chechens. The silhouette of the Nakh ancestral tower is recognizable in all elements: arch rings, glaring details, in the enfilade of the first floor. Ten finials located on the complex roof look notedly magnificent. Modern and unique by its architectural design, the complex will unconditionally become a new decoration for the already beautiful Grozny City. In the multifunctional complex “Minutka”, there will be apartments, penthouses, underground parking, male and female fitness centers, coffee-shops, confectioner shops, a minimarket, a flower shops, a pharmacy, a tailor shop, a dry-cleaner, a consumer services center, a beauty salon and a SPA center. Besides, panorama restaurants located in the arch will be a significant part of the complex.

The specialists of SMART BUILDING, LLC are sure that the multifunctional complex “Minutka” will become a new standard in the construction of business class buildings and also a bragging right for citizens of the Chechen Republic.

For project realization of the multifunctional complex “Minutka”, “SMART” Group of Companies involves leading companies with best practice in analogous projects construction. The architect of the project is “Chechenproekt”, LLC. The project documentation development contractor is “Podzemproekt”, LLC. The main contractor of the project is “Chechenstroy”, LLC.