Nine Tukhums Park


One of the most significant sights of recreation area will obviously be “Nine Tukhums Park”. Nine majestic trees combined into one composition symbolize power and unity of Chechen people. Evergreen leaves in the tree crown represent teips and hefty trunks - Tukhums, who populate the Chechen Republic nowadays.

Tukhum trees will have core and steel frames with green twining plants set out on special islands at the bottom of a tree. The frame will wind round the core and form a crown. Artificial leaves – metal plates painted in different shades of green colors will hang on a strained rope between the elements of the steel structure.

The smallest fuff makes small plates knock together and create sough, аnd due to tricks of the light, shadows and gleams the tukhum trees will spring to life. At night they will look spectacular, diode light fixtures built in the crown elements will emphasize the sense of helicity, twist, dance and will create the effect of a disco ball. Besides, the tree crowns may be used as screens for laser projections.