About the project

Shopping and Entertainment Center «GROZNY MALL» will be located on the opposite from MFC “Akhmat Tower” at the intersection of Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov Prospect and Hussein Isaev Prospect.

It is the first unique project in the Chechen Republic which combines innovating architectural concept and multi-functional infrastructure. shopping and entertainment center «GROZNY MALL» will be the largest mall in the south of the Russian Federation and will provide the best conditions for shopping and entertainment for the citizens of the region and nearby towns.

As a whole shopping and entertainment center «GROZNY MALL» will provide 132 027m2   of shopping and entertainment area of different types, including various shops and entertaining elements and their maintenance, parking and administration spaces, what is more than the area of 25 football pitches.

Considering that the building will be seen both from the river bank and its surrounding territory and from the height of 435 meters of the “Akhmat Tower”, its roof is designed as the fifth façade.  This architectural concept will make the building the adornment of the park and will make it observable for the visitors. The building with crystal form will be almost clear, only two materials are used in its finishing: silver-colored metal and glass. Both arris and splays and faceted surfaces dominate in architectural lines. This creates the effect of prism reflecting colors on its surface that change when night follows the day. The octagonal roof is designed in the form of faceted metal surfaces in silver color and resembles the structure of the crystalline grid.  The same solution is used for all four facades. Great panoramic entrance lobby showing the interiors from the street will be situated on the northwest façade. Whilst the second entrance facing the mosque “The Heart of Chechnya” is organized as elegant and significant construction in the shape of a tree with large shed-crown also protecting the public area with its beautiful fountains, seating zone, and landscape.  

The layout design of the shopping mall is high-efficient and represents the typical plan of the visitors' circulation with a maximum length of the shop-windows and wide view. Small cafes and public zone for execution of events will be located on the adjoining to the mall embankment.   

Shopping Center “GROZNY MALL” and MFC “Akhmat Tower” will be consolidated into a unique architectural complex with a walking bridge which is meant to be the gallery with restaurants and cafes with panoramic views and also exposition with photos and the building history of the projects. Through the gallery, the visitors and guests of the shopping center “Grozny Mall” will be able to get to modern express elevators, which take them to the height more than 390 m to the observation deck of MFC “Akhmat Tower”   just in several seconds.

For the execution of the project shopping center "GROZNY MALL" group of companies “SMART” invited top international companies with great experience in construction of such projects.

The architect of the project is a famous English company “Chapman Taylor”.

The project documentation development contractor is the company Blank Architects.

Design monitoring and assessment of project decisions efficiency are committed to the company AECOM.

Marketing research for the potential of market sector development in Grozny city was conducted by the company «Jones Lang LaSalle».

The Consultant in designing for purposes of further effective space letting is the company “Colliers International”.