Our Team

Said-Magomed Zubairaev
Said-Magomed Zubairaev Birthday:  16 September Chief Executive Officer
Yurii Bazhukov
Yurii Bazhukov Birthday:  6 June First Deputy Director General Office:  Moscow
Aleksei Chaikin
Aleksei Chaikin Birthday:  27 October Deputy Director General for Commerce Office:  Moscow
Aslambek Akhmaev
Aslambek Akhmaev Birthday:  25 May Deputy Director General for Overhead Questions Office:  Grozny
Rasim Kuramshin
Rasim Kuramshin Birthday:  8 August Deputy Director General for Finance Office:  Moscow
Svetlana Gromova
Svetlana Gromova Birthday:  2 July Head of Legal Department Office:  Moscow
Svetlana Salieva
Svetlana Salieva Birthday:  22 February Accountant General Office:  Moscow
Viktor Melnikov
Viktor Melnikov Birthday:  14 September Head of Public Relations Department Office:  Moscow
Alexandr Boiko
Alexandr Boiko Birthday:  12 July Head of Tender Department Office:  Moscow
Aleksei Nikiforov
Aleksei Nikiforov Birthday:  30 January Chief Construction Engineer Office:  Moscow
Vitalii Belotserkovets
Vitalii Belotserkovets Birthday:  15 October Head of Technical Department Office:  Moscow
Oksana Varfolomeeva
Oksana Varfolomeeva Birthday:  11 May Architect of "Grozny Mall" Project Office:  Moscow
Andrei Sivakov
Andrei Sivakov Birthday:  15 September Head of Administration and Maintenance Department Office:  Moscow
Sevara Neverova
Sevara Neverova Birthday:  30 July Head of HR department Office:  Moscow
Anzor Mazhiev
Anzor Mazhiev Birthday:  8 January Lawyer Office:  Moscow
Anastasia Basova
Anastasia Basova Birthday:  1 June Accountant Officer Office:  Moscow
Artur Kezano
Artur Kezano Birthday:  18 June Vice Head of Public Relations Department Office:  Moscow
Adam Zubairaev
Adam Zubairaev Birthday:  2 June Vice Head of Tender Department Office:  Moscow
Elena Iliashevich
Elena Iliashevich Birthday:  13 October Tender Department Officer Office:  Moscow
Daria Strzhemeskaia
Daria Strzhemeskaia Birthday:  13 January Tender Department Officer Office:  Moscow
Aleksandr Saharov
Aleksandr Saharov Birthday:  7 October Steelworks Chief Specialist Office:  Moscow
Valerii Kurochkin
Valerii Kurochkin Birthday:  12 October Power Engineer Office:  Moscow
Alexandr Ilin
Alexandr Ilin Birthday:  12 April ICC Officer Office:  Moscow
Dmitrii Yaremenko
Dmitrii Yaremenko Birthday:  20 December ELV Engineer Office:  Moscow
Dmitrii Maikov
Dmitrii Maikov Birthday:  11 March Chief Specialist of Design Department Office:  Moscow
Pavel Solovev
Pavel Solovev Birthday:  12 July Senior Officer of Estimate and Contract Department Office:  Moscow
Anna Lanbina
Anna Lanbina Birthday:  25 December Senior Officer of Estimate and Contract Department Office:  Moscow
Viacheslav Nazarenko
Viacheslav Nazarenko Birthday:  14 July Manager of projects in Chechen Republic Office:  Moscow
Fanil Gaianov
Fanil Gaianov Birthday:  8 August Deputy Project Manager of "Grozny Mall" Office:  Moscow
Lev Rakovskii
Lev Rakovskii Birthday:  26 February Deputy Project Manager of MFC "Akhmat Tower" Office:  Moscow
Mikhail Kostylev
Mikhail Kostylev Birthday:  26 October Deputy Project Manager of "Grozny Mall" Office:  Moscow
Taimuraz Shakhgiriev
Taimuraz Shakhgiriev Birthday:  26 September "Akhmat Tower" Project Administrator Office:  Moscow
Zaurbek Saliev
Zaurbek Saliev Birthday:  7 May "Kausar" Project Administrator Office:  Moscow
Magomed Alaudinov
Magomed Alaudinov Birthday:  9 August Project Administrator Office:  Moscow
Oleg Shohin
Oleg Shohin Birthday:  12 October Project Manager (Moscow) Office:  Moscow
Mikhail Razuvanov
Mikhail Razuvanov Birthday:  23 April Head of Operation and Technical Department Office:  Moscow
Olga Simonova
Olga Simonova Birthday:  4 September Project Administrator (Moscow) Office:  Moscow
Hasan Dadaev
Hasan Dadaev Birthday:  30 August Specialist of General Construction Works Office:  Grozny
Zelimhan Askhabov
Zelimhan Askhabov Birthday:  22 May Vice Head of Building Control Department Office:  Grozny
Magomed Kerimov
Magomed Kerimov Birthday:  25 November Geodetic Engineer Office:  Grozny
Valeria Panycheva
Valeria Panycheva Birthday:  13 June Secretary and Translator Office:  Moscow
Iana Kovalskaia
Iana Kovalskaia Birthday:  31 October Secretary and Translator Office:  Moscow