Opening of the presentation pavilion MFC “Akhmat Tower” and Shopping Mall “Grozny Mall”


The head of the Chechen Republic, hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov hosted grand opening of the presentation pavilion of projects MFC “Akhmat Tower” and Shopping Mall “Grozny Mall” as representative of “SMART” group on 16th of November 2016. There were councilor of the head of the Chechen Republic, State Duma deputy of the Russian Federation Adam Delimkhanov, Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov, chairman of the Auditing Chamber of the Chechen Republic Isa Tumhadzhiev and another official establishment on the event of interest.

When Ramzan Kadyrov snipped the red ribbon he has noticed the importance of the opening the pavilion directly near by the builder's yard of the construction site and made a point of the erection this large construction site for the Chechen Republic and the Russian Federation. Employees of Moscow office of “SMART” group flew specially in Grozny headed by Director General Said-Magomed Zubayraev for the grand opening.

Excursion through the pavilion with a story about history of creating, designing, development and project execution plan of projects MFC “Akhmat Tower” and Shopping Mall “Grozny Mall” was organized for the head of the Chechen Republic and official establishment. Presentation of informative movie-reel about the largest constructions onsite The Chechen Republic including MFC “Akhmat Tower” and Shopping Mall “Grozny Mall” was opened in the movie hall of the pavilion. The gift book about MFC “Akhmat Tower” and souvenir visualization performed in glass were presented in conclusion to Ramzan Kadyrov.

The pavilion is situated near by the building site of MFC “Akhmat Tower” at the address Grozny, Prospect Akhmat Kadyrov 12. The tower and adjacent areas’ 3D maquette, a conference room accommodating 40 people and a multimedia room for presentation purposes are presented in the pavilion. Presentations of project for official delegations, press conferences, meetings with partners are organized in the pavilion. You may find out more about the history of creating and development of projects from the moment of burgeoning formation of idea to the present state of the building.