Report from the building site MFC “Akhmat Tower”: The works on felling cap sills are completed on 30%

Фото со строительной площадки МФК "Ахмат Тауэр"

The works on felling cap sills at building area of MFC “Akhmat Tower” are completed on 30%. Providing of 216 bore pilings 1.5 in diameter and 64m deep each was completed at the building site during the period from 30.03.2016 to 24.08.2016. That will accommodate a load evenly of unique    skyscraper “Akhmat Tower” in liaison with base slab. Currently piles capping are excavating in order to preparations of the construction pit for base slab. 66 from 216 piles are brought to grade at 15.11.2016.