Mario Benisch speaks about the MFC "Akhmat Tower" project

Mario Benisch The CEO of "Bauer Technology", LLC


 Mario Benisch, the CEO of "Bauer Technology", LLC

-  What were the tasks set before your company on the MFC Akhmat Tower project and which experts (please, specify their ranks and participation in significant projects) were involved in the implementation of these tasks?

- Due to the fact that we carried out construction works in a seismic region with complicated geology, we had a difficult task conducting bearing tests and checking the design concept. We used the method of installing submersible hydraulic jack with detecting devices for concrete strain measurement and the linear movement of pile elements on two testing piles. Two more piles were tested for horizontal loads. The tests have allowed us to determine the extreme bearing ability of piles by soil in all engineering-geological elements of a section, both on a side surface, and on the basis. All our specialists have a great experience on projects with various types of foundations. By the way, all our engineers were involved in MFC “Lakhta Center” piling whereas the chief engineer, the project manager and a significant number of operating personnel took part in the construction of Moscow International Business Centre (MIBC) projects and other similar international projects.

- Mario, please tell us about the special aspects in works on the MFC “Akhmat Tower” project?

- One of the main differences of this project is that it is being constructed in a seismic region with complicated geology. Therefore we have strict requirements for odd reinforcement cage and specific concrete characteristics. Due to the high coefficient of reinforcement, deep depth (up to 67 m) and thus great scope of piles we used concrete B40 with workability P5 and with setting not less than 6 hours. It was very difficult to prepare such proportions of concrete mix at plants of Grozny City but we managed to do this thanks to the experience of our colleagues, specialists from Germany and Russian field-specific institutes. Except for local materials we used neat cement from Novorossiysk, inert materials from North Ossetia. Another complicated task was to organize fabrication of high-grade reinforcement cage with local plants which didn’t have such experience, but we managed to do this.

- What is the uniqueness of the MFC Akhmat Tower project in terms of works performed by your company?

- In our opinion, the uniqueness of the project was in the applying home equipment - "on-top reamer" - for bore holes. We used polymer protective solution for borehole wall lining that was developed by group of companies of the BAUER concern. It was really important for our designers to "load" pile toe bulb. So the material showed itself very well in the difficult engineering and geological conditions Grozny city. Besides, the technology of steel bell-and-spigot joint was used for framework manufacturing. We are convinced that all these applied technologies provide confidence in the reliability of bearing capacity of the foundation.

- Mario, “Bauer Technology” performed tremendous works for the project. What experience did your company draw from the working process on the MFC Akhmat Tower project?

- I think this is our experience of using defensive polymer solution for borehole wall lining in cobble. It was applied by us for the first time and showed excellent results of this "know-how". It is worth noting that due to our experience in using polymer solutions for MFC “Akhmat Tower”, now we plan to use them on other projects. /After "Akhmat Tauer" polymeric solutions have been successfully used by us on other projects.

- And the last question. How did your cooperation build-up with the SMART BUILDING LLC development company?

Project realization by the Customer is on the high professional level. Despite some disputes which occurred in the work process, we were able to find all necessary compromise settlements. In general, I would characterize our relations as a constructive approach to the implementation of tasks, close and fruitful cooperation on the basis of professionalism and respect for the views of the parties. We hope that the project start that was done with our help will allow the developer to implement all plans qualitatively and in time, so the unique skyscraper "Akhmat Tower" will become a symbol of the reliability of not only the city of Grozny but all of Russia. Wish you success and prosperity.