Osama Abou El Enain about Multifunctional High-rise Complex "Akhmat Tower"

Osama Abou El Enain Senior Director Development Emaar Properties, PJSC
Осама Абу Эль-Энаин.jpg

- Dear Osama, you have participated in the creation of many of the world's largest skyscrapers. From a technical point of view, what project could you compare the MFC Akhmat Tower with, or is it unique?
Akhmat tower is a unique mixed-use tower in terms of height (+400m high) and functions (residential, hotel, service apart, museum…etc). It will be considered -upon completion- as one of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe.

- What unusual or unique design solutions designers of the MFC Akhmat Tower have used?
Akhmat tower is using the latest building technology/ systems in terms of facade cladding, glazing, thermal insulation, lifts & MEP systems…

- What are the features and differences in space planning solutions of the MFC Akhmat Tower compared to other skyscrapers? To what extent have they been balanced in terms of space optimization?
Akhmat tower is having a museum at the top level with a unique panoramic view to Grozny city also the space planning was optimized to achieve the maximum building efficiency for super high-rise.

- This is your first experience working with the SMART BUILDING developer, how would you evaluate their work? How professional is the company when it comes to the project development?
Smart building is considered as one of the most experienced/knowledgeable developers, that can deliver this iconic building on time, with quality and within the allocated budget.

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