Project Summary

Multi-functional High-rise Complex “Akhmat Tower” is named after the first President of Chechen Republic, Hero of the Russian Federation – Akhmat Haji Kadyrov. The complex will be located in the center of Grozny City by the right side of Sunzha River and become a show-place not only for the capital of Chechen Republic but also Russia-wide. Project uniqueness lies in its geographical position.  It will be the 1st skyscraper in Europe built in a zone of high seismicity. Tower’s seismic resistance is unrivaled throughout the world by virtue of purposely designed structural and technological concepts.

The building has a composite character of traditional Nakh (Chechen) Architecture due to its skyline and proportions. In particular, the architectural aspect of Chechen ethnic towers (12-16 centuries) lies at heart of the project. MFC “Akhmat Tower” represents modernity, development and high technologies interchangeably with traditions and history of Chechen people.

Essential elements of an architectural concept are the geometric shape of a building (frustum at the top) and ground floors with architectural projections over entrance lobby which are made in the form of an eight-pointed star. The actogram will serve as an isolator of tower entrance lobbies. Entrance to the office spaces will be in the South. Residency entrance – from the West side. Entrance lobby to an observation deck and exhibitions suite will be in the North. From the east side, there will be an entrance hall to serviced apartments and «The Address Akhmat Tower Grozny» hotel complex.

The tower is faced with hi-tech modular-type facades. The composite system composed of special glass and steel is adapted to the fire and seismic project features.

There will be lobbies, offices, restaurants, a ballroom, a five-star hotel, serviced apartments, fitness and SPA-complex, residences, penthouses, observation deck and exhibition hall.

The five-star hotel and serviced apartments will be located at MFC “Akhmat Tower” and the international hotel operator «The Address Hotels + Resorts» (UAE) will manage it.

MFC “Akhmat Tower” will be joint into the unified architectural complex with Shopping and Entertainment Center “GROZNY MALL” by a  bridge/gallery with panoramic view restaurants and cafes. There also will be a photographic exposition of the project's history and construction.

In the realization of MFC “Akhmat Tower”, the “SMART” group of companies cooperates with world-leading companies which have great experience in the field of high-rise and super high-rise buildings construction all over the world.

The architect of the project is «Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture» company, «Thornton Tomasetti» is the structural engineer and «Gorproject», JSC is the general designer.

MFC “Akhmat Tower” will be the highest building in the territory of Russian Federation and Europe.