Gorgeous banquet hall with an area of 3870 m2 will be on the third floor of MFC “Akhmat Tower”. It will include entrance hall, wedding apartments, room for VIP guests and banquet hall.

The interior design of banquet hall lobby repeats sudden and quick movements of lezghinka dancer. Men’s style of lobby design with square corners and sharp lines will be traced in the ceremonial hall too but the interior will soften it fluent by using of delicate layers of draperies and details with a blend of soft and womanly tones.

Nearby the banquet hall will be gorgeous wedding apartments where will be foreseen all subtleties of the tradition of such events. A bride will manage to prepare for wedding solemnity in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. This zone includes a private foyer, makeup and dressing rooms as for the bride and her friends and guests. Inspired by images of a swan room decoration will be performed in delicate feminine style. The interiors are dominated by bright colors and flowing lines.

For the most important and special guests will be provided especial rooms with exclusive decoration, special furniture, and artworks.

Banquet hall will be a multifunctional room with the ability of transformation and absolute multimedia equipment for leading of weddings, conferences, and meetings. Interior of banquet hall will be completed by the design chandeliers, wall tissular panels, and author decorative carpets. In total, these decisions will create cozy and warm atmosphere across the large space of the hall. Combination forms and imitation of lezghinka dancing in decoration will provide a perfect place for the leading of different events.