Boutique style

iving-dining room

These interiors are designed in tender, perfectly harmonized gradient tones. This style has pleasant geometry without emphatic shading off. Abstract patterns on the wall similar to shadows perfectly complete the concept chosen by designers. The combination of materials is used in design: varnished-tile, shock-resistant glass, modern floor covering, plastic, metal. Quietness and comfort have top priority for people who choose these interiors.

Living room (dining room)

According to the project, the living room and the dining room in the residential unit are located in one room. These functional spaces perfectly complement each other and large room space allows unobstructed moving. The living/dining room, as well as all residential unit, is designed in "Boutique" style. Soft colors with shading off which are typical for this style and pleasant architecture geometry create cozy, quiet atmosphere. In such atmosphere it is comfortable to live, have rest and work. Due to the well-planned layout you won’t need to go far for ready meals during the lunch. The kitchen is located in two meters from the dining room on the left from the door.

Attention! The furniture of the living/dining room presented in the picture is a demonstration sample and is not included in the price of residential unit.

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is the room specially designed for the owner of the residential unit. It is combined with big wardrobe which area is half of the bedroom’s area. The owner can keep there all clothes and shoes, jewelry and accessories. To the right of the bedroom there is a master bathroom. It is the biggest bathroom in the house. It is also planned for the owners. Style "Boutique" implies pleasant to look at, restrained colors and tones. However the owner can always dilute this color harmony with bright yellow, green or blue interior accessories or pieces of art.

Attention! The furniture of the master bedroom presented in the picture is a demonstration sample and is not included in the price of residential unit.


Spacious light up-to-date kitchen inspires for preparation of culinary masterpieces. The project provided everything that may be necessary for the apartment’s owner: there is an oven, the panel, separate zone for cooking, cooker hood and a sink. The dining room is located two meters from the kitchen. The concept of the kitchen design is based on using of perfectly combined modern materials. The balance of dark and light tones is selected in such way that there is no sharp contrast. Colors and forms of the furnishing are pleasant to look at. Cooking in such room is a great pleasure. The complete kitchen and all necessary equipment are included in the price of the apartment.

Master bathroom

Master bathroom is the most spacious bathroom in the house. On the layout it is situated opposite the entrance to the master bedroom. The bathroom is designed in grey and steel range of colors pleasant to look at, which are typical for style "Boutique". The combination of mirrored surfaces with texture of natural stone is very harmonious. Functional spaces in the bathroom are separated by solid glass doors. Such design solution allows to separate the space of the room and to assure the hygiene. Designers have worked out not only esthetic component of the project, but also its household details. For instance, the ceramic tile used for bathroom floor has slip-proof covering in the project, and doors which separate functional zones are made of tempered shock-resistant glass. The bathroom is completed on the project and is included in the price of apartment.

Guest bedroom and guest bathroom

According to the layout there are two guest bedrooms with separate bathrooms in residential unit. In the guest bedroom there are no separate premises for wardrobe as in master bedroom but there is enough space for capacious closet and other furniture.

According to the project each guest bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows with unique view of beautiful Grozny City. Since there are no buildings which could be compared in height with "Akhmat Tower", nothing will be able to prevent the residents to admire the panorama of the city every day. Guest bathrooms are fully completed on the project and are included in the price of apartment.

Attention! The furniture of the guest bedroom presented in the picture is a demonstration sample and is not included in the price of residential unit.