Kelly style

This is design concept based on using warm colors and symmetry of lines. For interior design in Kelly style the following materials are used: wood, plastic, glass, metal, mirrored surfaces. The combination of hi-tech modern and traditional natural materials in one room creates a unique atmosphere to work, live and have rest in. These interiors are multi-functional.

Living room (dining room)

The space of the room is conveniently divided for two zones- living room and dining room. The first zone is connected to the kitchen via a doorway and special bar counter, which is the complete kitchen worktop. It is convenient to pass the meals to the dining room without leaving the kitchen area. The living room area is larger than the dining room area. You can easily place two big and two small sofas here. People can have rest and enjoy the view of Grozny City in this space. The living/dining room is designed in Kelly Style. This design is multi-functional and suggests the use of combined natural and imitation materials together with pleasant symmetrical architectural forms.

Attention! The furniture of the living/dining room presented in the picture is a demonstration sample and is not included in the price of the residential unit.

Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is the private room of the owner. The project provides large bathroom which is defined on the layout as the master bathroom. To the left of the bed behind the door there is a large wardrobe. It’s equal in size to half of bedroom’s area. You can easily place all the costumes, shoes and other personal things there. Style Kelly implies the widespread use of natural and man-made surfacing materials such as wood, modern polymeric compounds, non-shock glass and chrome-plated metal. According to the project, there is a unique view of Grozny City.

Attention! The furniture of master bedroom presented in the picture is a demonstration sample and is not included in the price of the residential unit.


The kitchen is cozy and spacious. Design solutions of the Kelly Style give the opportunity to combine modern synthetic materials and natural textures. Glossy mirrored surfaces and warm wooden tones are harmoniously combined in the interior design of the kitchen. There is everything essential for food preparation: cooking panel, oven, comfortable cooking space, powerful cooker hood, sink. The cooking space is designed as a bar counter and connected to the dining room. It is convenient to serve ready meals without entering the kitchen. The fully equipped kitchen and all necessary equipment are included in the price of the residential unit.

The master bathroom

The master bathroom – is the apartment owner’s bathroom. In the planning arrangement, it is located inside the master bedroom. Style "Kelly", in which the bathroom is decorated, combines modern synthetic materials and natural textures. In the bathroom, the designers nicely implemented a combination of warm and cool colors: chrome-plated metal, glass and white ceramic that form a unified stylistic composition with warm wooden backgrounds. The functionality of the bathroom is separated by glass partitions. This stylistic decision not only looks beautiful but also helps to maintain hygiene in the room. Tiles that line the floor have an anti-slip coating. Thus, the designers have taken care not only about the aesthetic side of room’s design but also about the safety and ergonomics of the functions. A fully equipped main bathroom is included in the base cost of residence.

Guest Bedroom + bathroom

The planning of the residence provides for two guest bedrooms with private bathrooms. Guestrooms, compared to the master bedroom, don’t have dedicated space for wardrobe, however, there is enough space to install the embedded closet or other suitable furniture. Each bedroom according to the design has large panoramic windows which offer a unique view of the city of Grozny. The rooms are decorated in "Kelly" style. The key concept of this style is the combined use of synthetic materials and natural genuine textures. These interiors are versatile, so it is easy to choose furniture for them. Fully equipped guest bathrooms are included in the price of the residential unit.

Attention! Guest bedroom furniture shown in the picture is a demonstration sample and is not included in the price of the residential unit.