The observation deck

At the altitude of 390 meters, on the 98th floor of the Multifunctional Complex "Akhmat Tower", an observation deck with 3600 panoramic views of the city of Grozny and surrounding mountain landscape, spans its doors open for all tourists and visitors. The Observation Deck of the MFC "Akhmat Tower" will be the highest observation deck in Europe and is surely in the list of the top ten highest observation decks in the world.

There will be special themed tours with multimedia support organized for all who wish to be introduced to the history and geography of the Chechen Republic. To the sight of the observation deck, visitors are brought cultural and architectural objects of Grozny such as: "Heart of Chechnya" Central Mosque, the unique President's Residence, high-rise buildings Complex "Grozny City", Recreational park "Kausar" "GROZNY MALL" and many others. The panoramic view of the surroundings moves in a smooth transition to the beautiful natural landscapes.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art architectural design of the vestibule group, the observation deck has a separate entrance, connected with retail and entertainment center "GROZNY MALL" by a bridge-gallery across the River Sunzha, which makes the observation deck accessible for all the residents and guests of the capital of the Chechen Republic.