Entrance Vestibules

The foundation stylobate of the skyscraper spans on three levels and is shaped in the form of an eight-pointed star. Part of the star-shaped stylobate will serve as entrances to the tower. The officers' entrance on the south, the residence on the west, the observation deck and museum on the north, and on the east, the hotel complex and serviced apartments. Every vestibule has its unique style and concept. Maximum comfortability for guests and residents of MFC “Akhmat Tower” is achieved due to the distinct architectural design solutions.

A custom designed piece of artwork - a crystal chandelier in the form of a flying swan will add grandeur to the main vestibule «The Address Akhmat Tower Grozny». Many custom design chandeliers and sconces imitating the “Lezginka” concept are designed especially for the “Akhmat Tower” project.

Residences and penthouses entrance vestibule

Offices entrance vestibule

«THE ADDRESS» Hotel complex vestibule