Water facilities

Каусар акватория

The water area of the recreational park area will be presented by various projects. Apart from the Sunzha River, it will include a large lake with boating station, a lake that imitates a natural reservoir, the “Kausar” fountain as well as a fountain nearby the observation wheel. Water area will lie along the whole parkland, it will inspire visitors to take a walk enjoying cool oasis and getting esthetic pleasure from “Nine Tukhums Park” to the observation wheel and back.

Undoubtedly, the main element of water in the water area is the large lake with fountains located at the opposite ends in the middle of the parkland.

The presence of boat station will make it possible to arrange the rental of boats and catamarans. We can say for sure that the boating on the lake will become a favorite leisure activity for all visitors of “Kausar” park, regardless of their age.

The lake imitating the natural reservoir will have a rich natural coastal zone, typical for the ecosystem of the Chechen Republic.

This area will oppose itself against the urban nature of the city and serve as an educational project for students. Alleys and tracks in this area are designed to provide maximum comfort not only for walking but also for guided tours and educational practicals of plants and animals represented in the water area “Kausar”.

Snack bars with food and drinks will be located along the perimeter of water bodies, benches, which will make the guests stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.