Каусар 1

Amphitheaters in Ancient Greece were used only for their designated purpose – they were venues for various mass entertainment. But everything changes with the course of time. And modern amphitheater has spread its socially useful functions. Today amphitheater is a place for meeting friends, for tourist excursions and even for doing sports. Such amphitheater will be in recreation area «Kausar». Other than being place for large city and national holidays, concerts and festivals, it is planned to be a rollerdrome  in summer and ice rink in winter. It is designed in architectural concept of the project.

It is assumed that main cultural events will be held using the space of amphitheater’s arena or its stage. Dressing rooms for the actors and storage for theatrical scenery with separate loading area are situated behind the scene.

The roof covering of the amphitheater will protect the visitors from rainfall and sun in any weather. Its wavy inside surface, which resembles a giant shell, will create cozy atmosphere and provide excellent acoustics.

Configuration of spectator’s seats is improved for maximum load capacity 2000 remaining the comfort viewing angle for each spectator and with consideration for comfort of people with limited mobility. There are 10 rows in the amphitheater, 4 of them are on the bottom level, 3 on the top and 3 more overlook the park and boat lake with fantastic view. These seats are perfect for calm repose, communication and admiring the nature.