Observation wheel

Каусар колесо обозрения

One of the main sights not only of landscape recreation area but also of all Grozny City will be the Observation Wheel. From a bird's eye view, there is a spectacular view of the park and great architectural projects in the neighborhood such as  MFC “Akhmat Tower” 435 m  high, Shopping and Entertainment Center “GROZNY MALL” and “Grozny City” high-rise complex.

The area around the observation wheel will be designed to host a lot of visitors. It will be divided into two areas: the waiting area and recreation area. After the tickets purchase, the guests that are visiting the observation wheel come to the waiting area with giant umbrellas for sun protection and ornamental trees. Landing field to the cabins is situated in a special pavilion. After the ride on the observation wheel, the visitors get out through a ramp in opposite part of the pavilion and get into the recreation area. There are cafes, playgrounds for children, gift shop and special lawns for picnics and outdoor recreation with family.