Park pavilions

Каусар павильоны

Several pavilions with various socially useful functions will be placed in the park. They are cafes and shops, information center, boating station and pavilion for selling observation wheel tickets. Various functions and locations of the pavilions determine their outer look and size. Nevertheless, the general architectural design combines them into unifying concept.  

  • Each pavilion has the form of an equilateral hexagon, two sides of which are blind and four are made of glass panels for maximum transparency. The pavilion locations determine which sides are to be transparent and also create a desirable view of the pavilions.

  • Bright rich finishing of the interior and the canopy will lay the emphasis on the pavilion against a background of the park.

  • A reflective metal used for the finishing of the façade facilitates the merging with the environment. Folds with built-in aesthetic lighting on metal walls and roof visually lighten the construction.  

  • Decorative fixtures from wood are to be located along the glass surfaces, they emphasize the verticality of the composition, create immensity and protect the interior space from the direct sunlight.