Project summary

The new wrestling center, named after the Hero of Russia, the Head of the Chechen Republic - Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, will be built in the Leninsky district of the city of Grozny. The modern wrestling center will be part of a united sports complex, which will also include the Universal Fencing Complex and the Indoor Football Arena.

Republican center of wrestling named after R.A. Kadyrov will be a two-story building designed for year-round training, as well as national and international wrestling competitions located on a plot with a total area of ​​7700 square meters.

A multifunctional hall with an area of ​​1950 square meters with spectator stands for 1970 people will occupy the main volume of a sports center unique in its capabilities. The wrestling hall will provide the placement of 8 training mats, which will allow more than 1000 athletes to practice daily in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. This multifunctional hall can be freely transformed for conducting training sessions in game sports such as volleyball, basketball and futsal.

For the maximum convenience of the training process of athletes, all necessary conditions will be provided, including comfortable changing rooms, a separate entrance group, medical rooms, saunas and massage rooms, as well as a stand-alone dormitory block for athletes. A functional gym with an area of ​​460 square meters with modern equipment, a cardio zone and a zone for strength training will be provided on the second floor of the sports center.

An additional advantage of the complex is its pragmatic zoning, taking into account the needs of each group of visitors: a zone for VIP guests, a zone for the media representatives, a zone for organizers of competitions and judges, spacious halls with comfortable cafes for guests and participants of the competitions.