Project summary

A new residential complex will be erected in the  "Northern Tushino" district as part of the Housing Fund Renovation Program in Moscow.

Residential complex with a total area of ​​43,420 sq.m. will be erected on a land plot of more than 1 ha at the address: Moscow, st. Touristskaya, bldg. 14, sec 1, 2.

The monolithic-brick complex will consist of two buildings of different heights ranging from 10 to 18 floors, united by a common underground parking lot for 176 cars lots. In total, 417 apartments of improved layout will be provided in the residential complex: in building No. 1 - 266 apartments, in building No. 2 - 151 apartments.

The entrance groups of the residential section will be located on the first floors of the complex, commercial premises of various functional purposes, as well as a public information center.

The residential complex will have its own infrastructure and landscaped area, which will create comfortable conditions for living.