About the project


As part of the Moscow City Housing Fund Renovation Program, two single-section 18-story multi-family apartment buildings for 243 apartments were built and commissioned in 2018.

The territory is considered to be a united residential complex with a common guide path design, fire-fighting trains, united courtyard space, general arrangement of parking, playground, and sports grounds.

Buildings stand out among the existing building in color and unusual "tetrisnym" facade. One of the houses has a gray-green facade, and the second is decorated with gray-orange panels.

In the framework of implementation, demolition of five-storied houses and site development at address Dmitriya Ulyanova Street, bld. 49, bulk 1, Sevastopolsky prospect, bld. 22, Dmitriya Ulyanova Street, buil. 45, bulk 1, Dmitriya Ulyanova street bld. 47, bulk 1. are planned.