The GOC “SMART” team visited the facilities and projects of «Guardian Glass» Company

Guardian Glass 2.jpg

Between 16 and 19 February 2017, a team from the GOC “SMART” visited the projects of «Guardian Glass» company in Germany, studied the fabrication technique and attended several projects, where the «Guardian Glass» materials were used. Within the trip the "SMART BUILDING" CEO Said-Magomed Zubayraev, commercial director Alexei Chaykin and head of the tender department Alexander Boyko held a meeting with «Guardian Glass» management in the head office of the company in Luxemburg and discussed the opportunities of «Guardian Glass» to take part in tender for glass supply for the projects MFC “Akhmat Tower” and Grozny Mall facades.

Briefing: The «Guardian Glass» company is one of the world leading manufacturers of plate glass and specialized glass products for various branches of industry since 1932.

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