SMART GROUP Companies - Structure

Smart Building SMART BUILDING, Limited Liability Company»

Performs project management functions. Particularly, the company organizes execution of title certificates and initial permissive documentation for construction, SMART BUILDING plans and establishes project targets so as its criteria, develops optimal organizational and legal frameworks. It performs overall resource coordination, selection of contractors, contract execution and management of changes, quality and risks.

Smart EngineeringSMART ENGINEERING, Limited Liability Company

Specializes on construction compliance monitoring during the construction period. Basic functions are regular monitoring of the quality of constructional materials, products, structures and equipment, supplied for the project; control of consecutive sequence and technical operations during the realization of the project; inspection of concealed works; acceptance of erected steelwork effecting the safety of the construction project, sections of utility system; quality inspection of executing construction works, technical equipment mounting, acceptance of finished stages of works , fair presentation of actual work, expired costs in accounting documents; together with the client completed project control of the compliance for the project documentation and detailed design requirements, engineering survey results, requirements of city development plan and technical rules.

Smart ManagementLimited Liability Company SMART MANAGEMENT

Performs the functions of a General contractor (Construction Management).

Smart ConsultingSMART CONSULTING, Limited Liability Company

performs functions of cost management and consulting. Major functions are project cost estimation; project budgeting, i.e. establishing of target costs for project implementation, including preparation of cost estimate documentation; project costs control based on constant evaluation of actual costs, comparison with previously planned issues in the budget and the development of corrective and preventive measures; planning of equipment and material procurement, tender for supplier selection, signing contracts and control of their implementation.