"SMART" Group of companies - is one of the most dynamically rising organizations in the field of construction business in Russia. When implementing projects, "Smart" uses the extensive international experience of the construction business, including in terms of design and construction of unique, technically complex objects, integrating it into the Russian practice of realization of investment projects in the field of capital construction, thus ensuring maximum efficiency of the construction process, quality and safety of buildings under construction.

Group of companies "SMART" - a team of highly skilled professionals focused on the result. The company is staffed by experts in various fields in the composition required to provide a full range of services for the implementation of investment projects in the construction industry, including specialists in project management, cost management, as well as professionals engaged in building control.

A comprehensive package of services offered by the group "SMART" companies, allows for the construction of objects of any complexity, from the idea to the registration of ownership of the newly created object.

Activities of "SMART" The company is focused on high-quality results, providing the optimal price policy, best achieve the goals of the customer.