Report from the building site MFC “Akhmat Tower”: The works on felling cap sills are completed

Ахмат Тауэр (8).JPG

We are pleased to announce that all works on pile head cutting are completed at the construction site of MFC “Akhmat Tower” today. Series of preparatory works for base slab construction draw to a close. Particularly, reclamation works on pile heads are nearing completion and the handover-acceptance certificate is being prepared for signing. Works on sheet pile screen fencing are also nearing completion. As of January 24, 2017 - 70% of works have been completed. Let us recall that for the period, from March 30, 2016 to August 24,2016 the piling works for 216 bore piles with 1,5 in diameter and 64 meters in depth each were completed at the site and they together with base slab will evenly distribute loads of the unique skyscraper “Akhmat Tower”.