Evgeny Rogozhin about Multifunctional High-rise Complex "Akhmat Tower"

SMART GROUP Press Service Deputy research Director at O. Shmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (UIPE RAS), professor of Geology Department at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences


Deputy Research Director at O. Shmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (UIPE RAS), Professor of Geology Department at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation Prize for creation and implementation of a system monitoring and forecasting disasters and natural hazards on the territory of Russian Federation, author and co-author of more than 250 scientific publications.

- Evgeny, your institute issued seismicity report of the construction site of MFC Akhmat Tower. Could you tell us what processes preceded this event?
- As you know, The North Caucasus always brings up some questions. I will try to explain it. In my opinion, our country lucky from the point of its seismicity. Approximately 30 % of the territory is an earthquake zone. But, mostly it is Siberia, south of Siberia, Baikal Area, Kamchatka, Kuril Islands and Sakhalin... Almost all these zones, except for small areas where there are cities, are poorly populated. The only dangerous zone is the North Caucasus. First, quite a dense population; secondly, many people live in villages and mountain villages (aulcase
Constructing important buildings in 9-point seismicity is a difficult and complicated task, because for this purpose, it is necessary to create special technical conditions, and they will increase the cost of any construction approximately by three times. Therefore, before starting construction of the Akhmat Tower, it was necessary to clarify whether there is more than nine points seismicity or not really.

Coincidentally, shortly before "SMART BUILDING" contacted us, our Institute of Physics of the Earth (UIPE RAS), on the instructions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, we made a new detailed risk assessment map for the entire North Caucasus region. I want to note, that this map is much more detailed than the 1997 general seismic zoning map.

We conducted fieldwork, studied seismic dislocations of remnants of ancient earthquakes and created a new detailed catalog for the North Caucasus region in general and for the Chechen Republic, in particular. It was a big, voluminous work and it turned out to be very because by the time we were asked to do the seismicity report on the Akhmat Tower project in Grozny, we were ready and it did not take us an insane amount of time. useful,

When we calculated the possible impact on the Akhmat Tower, using data from the map, it turned out that seismic hazard can be reduced. It turned out to be 8.5 points, not 9. It is especially pleasant that American experts took part in this work. They fully agreed with our conclusions, although, I would like to note, they are very strict about the conclusions made by Russian experts, nevertheless, we convinced them. This was the story with this building.

Evgeny, have you applied any innovative solutions doing the job or there some set standards that you were working with?
I have to say it completely innovative approach and very responsible. At that, time there was no regulatory document on how to make such a state assessment. That is why many organizations were doing it this way or another. Some look only into fractures, others only seismicity, depending on what information they have they apply it. Our institute has long sought to receive instructions to develop a methodical set of rules, on how to carry out works for buildings of high responsibility. We have started working on it in 2015; just at the time when we were working on “Akhmat Tower” project, and that is why surely we have used innovative and advanced approaches and solutions. That’s how for the first time in Russia a set of rules on carrying detailed seismic zoning for high-risk responsibility building projects was established and approved by Ministry of Construction.

Moreover, we have recently received another order on the new CHP plant being built in Grozny. We have counted all the impacts again and double-checked to see if we made any mistakes earlier. However, it is a little different in different place. Nevertheless, I believe that we have fulfilled our work for "SMART BUILDING" at a high professional level.

One more question. Since we are talking about "SMART BUILDING". What can you tell us about our company?
I can say that I really enjoyed working with you. Kind people, and I believe everything is well done and in the right way. Therefore, if you have new projects please contact us, especially since we have a lot of experience working together and we do not have to do everything from scratch.

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