Residential complex on Rechnikov st. 22

Residential complex on the Rechnikov street. 22

As part of the renovation program, an apartment building will be built at the address: Nagatinsky Zaton district, st. Rechnikov, ow. 22. The site allocated for construction with an area of ​​0.5818 ha has good transport accessibility. The site is located in close proximity to the street. Rechnikov, at a distance of 2.3 km from the Kolomenskaya metro station.

The residential building will consist of two 24-storey buildings, united by a common stylobate part of the 1st (basement) floor. For the convenience of residents, entrances and exits from the ground level and from the level of the stylobate are provided. Non-residential premises are located on the 1st (ground) floor and on the 2nd floor. There is also a single-level elevated closed parking lot for 82 cars

Both buildings have similar architectural and planning solutions, but differ in the set of apartments. The total number of apartments in 2 buildings will be 264 units 

The house was designed taking into account all the requirements for energy efficient buildings, which will allow residents to avoid unnecessary costs for utilities.

The color scheme of the residential building is designed in the same style. The stylobate will be lined with porcelain stoneware panels in dark gray tones with a tone difference. Non-residential premises and entrance groups are highlighted with full height stained-glass windows. Each building has an individual architectural solution of facades in light colors, preserving the whole image of the composition.

The landscaped area adjacent to the house will be equipped with recreation areas and playgrounds for children of all ages.

Technical information:

    Developer-customer: Moscow Renovation Fund General contractor: SMART MANAGEMENT LLC

  • Plot area according to GPZU: 4 413 m2.
  • Maximum height of buildings: 84 m.

    Number of floors in each building: 24 floors

    Total area of ​​apartments:

    • Building I: 7,544.4 sq.m.
    • Building II: 7,427.2 sq.m.

    Number of apartments: 264 pcs.

    • Building I: 132 apartments
    • Building II: 132 apartments

    The total area of ​​apartments in two buildings: 4,971.6 sq.m.

    Parking in the stylobate: 82 parking spaces.