About the project

Recreational park area “Kausar”, named after homonymous “Celestial River”, which was gifted to Prophet Mohammed(SAW), will be situated in the center of Grozny alongshore the Sunzha River. It will include territories of MFC “Akhmat Tower” and Shopping and Entertainment Center "GROZNY MALL" together with bridges and embankments. Entertainment, leisure, and cultural facilities will be available on more than 200,000 square meters. The "Kausar" park was designed to host all kinds of public activities, including expositions, kids events, municipal and national holidays, sports competitions, educational workshops, fireworks, light shows and many other things.

Recreational park area will house the fountain “Kausar”, sculptural composition “Nine Tukhums Park”, observation wheel, an amphitheater with 2000 seats, adventure playground, pedestrian bridges and embankments, Walk of Fame and a lake with a light berth.

The landscape gardening will play one of the most important roles in the creation of cozy and comfortable atmosphere.  Project designers will recreate the natural landscape with specifically selected plants to suit the ecosystem of the Chechen Republic. The promenade and its banks spread with meadow grass and bushes will be located along the Sunzha River, highlighting its curves. Perennial and evergreen trees will occupy the main part of the area. They will vary by shape, color and blooming period. It will allow the park to change landscape view with the advent of a new season. As a result, “Kausar” will have a unique look and tidy all year round. The arrangement of the greenery elements will resemble traditional Islamic ornaments, which in combination with modern architectural buildings will unite heritage and modern era.

Illumination of landscape gardening plays an important role in the architectural concept of “Kausar”. Every evening colorful lighting of trees and sculptures, objets d'art and facilities, the observation wheel and water area will create picturesque and spectacular light show.

Recreational park area “Kausar” is oriented towards visitors of all ages. Open access, convenient infrastructure, the neighborhood with MFC “Akhmat Tower” and SEC “GROZNY MALL”, transport accessibility, comfortable and safe environment, all these factors will make recreational park area “Kausar” be successful and popular with residents and visitors of Grozny and the Chechen Republic.

The “SMART” group of companies engaged top architectural company “Chapman Taylor” (England) in the realization of project Recreational park area “Kausar”. “Chapman Taylor” has successful experience in creating such projects, furthermore it is claimed to be the author of the architectural concept of “Kausar”.