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In MFC “Akhmat Tower”, there will be a five-star hotel «The Address Akhmat Tower Grozny», a ballroom, wedding apartments, restaurants, Spa & Fitness Complex, Sky-Lobby and serviced apartments. The group of companies “SMART” has invited the international hotel operator «The Address Hotels & Resorts» (UAE) for hotel management. It is the first hotel in Russia under the guidance of this world-famed brand. “The Address” created interiors conceptual idea and its architectural embodiment was realized by internal design experts from «Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture».

Creating the main concept of a hotel complex, architects and designers were inspired by a traditional country dance “Lezghinka” that is a cultural expression of Chechen folk. A man figures an eagle and a woman expresses a white swan in their couple dance. A woman moves by easy steps as if she floats above the floor, whereas in contrast, a man makes fast and forceful steps. Man’s movements are gnarled and flick and women are fluent and unhasting. Despite the fact that two people take part in the dance, they have never come into contact with each other. This feature of the dance is reflected in the interior of the hotel complex.

The interior design concept of the hotel complex tells the story of the "Lezginka" in the motion through the hotel from arrival at the drop-off, the guests will indulge into the history Caucasus and to the traditional welcoming atmosphere of a unique hotel of the highest grade - «The Address Akhmat Tower Grozny».

Unique designer’s chandelier – an artwork in the form of a flying crystal swan – will add a sense of hugeness to the main entrance hall of the hotel. The image of an eagle that symbolizes the male principle will be reflected in the angular and edged interior. The image of a white swan that symbolizes the female principal will be represented in soft and fluent forms of furniture and accessories. The abundance of traditional ornaments and patterns of different cultural objects will be used for interior design. Spatial play of light and shadow on various surfaces will complement the whole decorative atmosphere.

Floor coatings of corridors and public zones of the hotel are made as the figure and faceting traditional carpet but are shaped by abstract, modern method. The approach to the guest rooms will be accentuated by changes in the scopes of the carpet figure. Corridors will be equipped with a system of the dome lighting. Raggles ornamented by wood paneling with integrated lighting the at the entrance will add the feeling of homeyness.

The embodiment of elements from “Lezghinka” will let create deep, memorable interior using modern, abstract method.

3D Виртуальный тур по гостиничному комплексу.

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