Enbankment and bridges

Каусар 5

Considering the fact that "Kausar" park is located on both banks of the river Sunzha, the embankments and bridges will play an important role in the organization of free and comfortable movement on the territory for park visitors. The project presumes the creation of three pedestrian bridges (excluding pedestrian bridge-gallery),  one nearby the observation wheel, another nearby the amphitheater and one nearby the “Nine Tukhums Park”.

One of the distinct advantages of the project is the promenade, designed in the shape of promenade deck and covered with wooden planks which will lay over the riverbed of the Sunzha.

Another point of attraction will be the “Islands of rest” made in the form of boats with lighting and landscaping elements located along the promenade. Promenade area will be visually separated from the main park area with ornamental plants and shrubs resembling the natural landscape of the river bank. The fencing of the promenade will be made from stainless steel that will ensure safety and durability of the.

Embankment and bridges will be decorated with various lighting elements that will turn a simple stroll into a fabulous trip.